Welcome to Clarity Coaching and Consulting

Our Mission

At Clarity Coaching and Consulting we endeavor to bring clarity and focus to organizations by emphasizing concepts of strength, individuality, and agility.  We strive to give momentum to a movement to educate and transform communities and organizations towards lasting, improved, positive performance that improves the triple-bottom line by impacting employee engagement, organizational elasticity and streamlining processes.  Our mission is to focused on people, profit and planet.

About Us

Executive & Individual One-on-One Coaching


Using strengths-based coaching, we provide one-on-one coaching with clients who are looking to advance their career and achieve greater personal satisfaction from their everyday life.

Keynote Speaking & Workshop Facilitation


Sharing the vision and impact a strengths-based approach can have on individuals and large groups towards the enhancement of individual and team performance in the workplace.

Management & Employee Training


Training designed as an interactive exchange that relies on the active participation of individuals and teams learning the theory and application of strengths-based coaching.


At Clarity Coaching & Consulting, our vision is to bring awareness of the impact of adopting a strength-based approach to organizations.  Our vision is that we will be able to affect change and transform the hierarchical organizational approach on which most companies have been built.  We believe that people are the most important factor in strong and healthy organizations; their health, happiness and satisfaction determine the innovators and leaders they become.  The wellness of any business is better served by building and engaging its workforce within an elastic and agile structure.

Our Coaches

Dr. Ty Richardson


As a Global Executive himself, In addition to strengths-based coaching and facilitation, Ty's expertise lies in:

  • Strategic Business & Financial Planning
  • Designing/Optimizing Experiential Events
  • Creative Thinking & Ideation in Business
  • Networking 101 & the Art of Conversation
  • The Experience & Transformation Economy
  • Generational Differences in the Workplace
  • Executive Strengths-based Coaching
  • The Life of a Digital Nomad

And more based on the needs of the client.

More about Ty can be found at www.drtyrichardson.com

Ms. Angie Coleman


With her coaching certifications and prior business and non-profit experience, Angie's expertises lies in:

  • Everything on Leadership
  • Team Building Facilitation
  • The Power of Two: Teams and Success
  • The Truth About Workforce Agility
  • Establishing & Defining Corporate Culture
  • From Managing to Leading
  • Communication Strategies Across Groups
  • Up: Career Development & Transition 

And more based on the needs of the client.

Angie is also a Certified Leadership & Certified Executive Coach.