At Clarity Coaching and Consulting, we believe in starting the process of performance improvement from a place of strengths, not development or weakness. We use Gallup’s Clifton Strengths-based coaching, to create awareness of an individual’s and/or teams’ strengths, and then collaborate with decision-makers, to build a path towards organizational transformation, higher performance, increased profits and enhanced employee engagement for our clients.

Our practice is uniquely position in the market, because our coaches all possess a shared background in business, leadership, nonprofit management, coaching and consulting. We all share two dominant strengths which serve our clients interests: Achiever, and Relator, which ensures a deep interest and relationship with each of our clients, but also that we work our hardest to achieve their goals. We also celebrate our differences, which, although numerous to mention, include certified-coaching, youth counseling, financial management, personal branding and public speaking, global leadership and career management.

At Clarity Coaching and Consulting, individually, our coaches use their strengths to deliver what our clients need, where they are, and when they need it. Together, we invest in each our clients, with individual and focused attention, and deliver the results they wish to achieve.

YoProTT's 4th Annual Mentoring Youth (M.Y.) Conference 2018

Angie and Dr. Ty host other Industry Experts as they spend two days with 63 youth and young professionals of Bishops Anstey & Trinity College East in Trinidad and Tobago discussing Strengths and Life Skills.

Human Resources Management Association of Jamaica

Here are some images of Dr. Ty and Angie speaking on the topic of Strengths of each Generation in the Workforce and how their physical environment can support them.

18th Annual Animae Caribe Festival

Dr. Ty hosts and leads the judging panel for the TV and Video Animation Pitches for Animae Caribe's Festival in Trinidad and Tobago, held at Carifesta.