Strengths Based Coaching

Enhancing your Performance from a Place of Strength

We know that environments that focus on using the strength of their members, instead of their weaknesses, are 8.9% more profitable; employees are 6 times more likely to be engaged in their jobs; and teams that receive strengths feedback are 12.5% more productive.  Clarity Coaching & Consulting is a strengths-based consulting organization that offers comprehensive coaching, training, and consulting to individuals and organizations who are ready to transition and adopt a strengths-based philosophy and practice. Such a transition will not only improve job satisfaction amongst employees, as well as increase profitability for organizations, but it will increase the overall happiness of constituent members. 

Only 13% of the current global workforce is engaged at work. That means 87% of employees are not reaching their full potential.  One Gallup study showed just how powerful a manager’s investment in employees matters, not just to the individual, but to the organization.

Supervisors who ignore both strengths and weaknesses, both in themselves and their teams, have only 2% engaged employees.  What is astounding is that simply by switching from the current popular approach of fixing an employee’s weaknesses, based on feedback, performance evaluations, and development programs, to a strengths-based approach, there is a 16% increase in engaged employees. This is further enhanced by a 21% decrease in actively disengaged employees. 

Actively disengaged employees differ from the other two categories in that they are purposefully moving your workforce into a more unproductive and negative space.  Switching to a strengths-based program all but eliminates the actively disengaged employees, thereby creating a positive and productive work environment. 

Strengths-based coaching helps teams understand their individual strengths as well as the strength of the team. It also helps identify opportunities for everyone to apply their strengths more, while helping team members discover development areas.  Working from strength creates a space for individual contributors, as well as teams, to develop their own goals and strategies for growth and improvement.  According to a study, “75% of employees say that they’re willing to use their own time to further their careers and take on additional learning that would benefit them at work.”  Regardless of age and position, if you tap into people’s individual goals they will be more motivated for all their work

Clarity Through Coaching

Clarity Coaching & Consulting is made up of three successful coaches with distinct backgrounds, experiences, and strengths of their own.  Their combined experiences make them the perfect combination to solve issues such as engagement, poor individual and team performance, generational divides and workplace agility.  Their unified belief is that leading from a place of strength is the most positive and effective way to improve the health of organizations and the relationships within them.  Utilizing the Gallup Strengths Coaching model, all three coaches are certified strengths coaches and believe that building from a place of strengths is a proven benchmark for an engaged and profitable organization. 

Service Offerings

The following are service offerings provided by Clarity Coaching & Consulting. Each engagement starts with a call to understand your needs as a client and then a package is customized to meet those needs. For more information on our pricing and packaging, please contact us directly.

C-Level & Executive Coaching

Change starts at the top. To truly transform an organization into a high-performing one, with engaged employees and higher profits, leaders must themselves, discover and invest in their strengths. Whether individually or as a group, CCC offers focused coaching with organizational leaders to discover and grow their strengths, and then devise a plan to positively impact their overall organization. Individual sessions are provided in packages of six for maximum impact, or as group sessions with leadership teams. Programs can also be customized for retreats and team building activities.

Employee Engagement

It is staggering how high the disengagement rate is amongst employees in organizations across the world. What’s even more alarming is the unawareness by leadership of this phenomena, and by extension, the lack of focus on overcoming it, thereby maximizing profitability and employee happiness. CCC has designed a program that first assesses employee engagement in client organizations and then executes a six-month plan to improve those metrics to provide tangible results to the organization increasing employee engagement and profits.

Individual Strengths Training

Not part of an organization? Perhaps you simply wish to understand more about your strengths and gain clarity as you approach your work, or family life? At CCC, we believe clarity is clarity. We provide one-on-one or group coaching sessions to youth, young professionals, individuals in transition, personally or professionally. At CCC, individual coaching sessions are our passion because it allows us to spend time with clients who expose us to different combinations of strengths and allow us to explore those with them.

Strategic & Financial Consulting

Armed with their strengths and improved employee engagement, it’s onto the next stage of positively impacting the triple bottom line: people, profits and planet. With all three principal partners of CCC having a background in business, CCC works with organizations who wish to create a visible and lasting impact in their communities. We consult in areas including but not limited to branding, fundraising, business development, strategy and program development. Whether a strategic planning, or a brainstorming session, CCC can facilitate exactly what you need for your organization to develop and grow. Contact us for more information.

Management Strengths Training

As Clarity Coaching and Consulting grows, we want to be able to expand our C-Level and Executive coaching to the next level of the organization. Realizing we must be sensitive to the budgets organizations have, we are developing a product that serves the needs of teams of managers, as well as managers who would like coaching to support their teams, at an affordable rate with measurable outcomes. 

Train the Trainer

With the vision of the founders of Clarity Coaching and Consulting being the creation of a strengths-based movement, we want as many evangelists who not only believe in our principles, but who can spread the word. For that reason, we will be offering training to people and Human Resource Managers in the Gallup Strengths model to train people in their organizations.  Spreading the word to others about the effectiveness of strengths-based performance development is a mission for CCC. 

Bomiso Membership Destination Travel Club

Bomiso means Body Mind and Soul. These are travel experiences that are designed to be immersive, with every facet of the experience being designed to achieve a specific educational and experiential outcome. All of this without taking away from the desired experience, whether that is a city getaway or nature retreat. We ensure a seamless integration between all three foci, resulting in a wholistic and memorable, healthy and happy experience.

Body: A focus on the physical, these are experiences woven into any destination activity planned by the team, and include yoga, cardio, core training and bodyweight lifting activities. 

Additionally, diet and nutrition will be a core element of these experiences. In addition to well-planned meals throughout the experience, with fresh and tasty ingredients, there will be an educational component involved, which may include live cooking demonstrations, market shopping and menu tasting to name a few.

Mind: Whether guests have a foundation in strengths-based performance, or are just getting started, throughout their experience, they will be exposed to the philosophy of strengths, be able to see strengths all around them, and understand how to interact, as well as set goals and objectives for a better quality of life.

Guests will also have the opportunity to work in pairs and teams, engage in immersive activities and participate in experiences designed to strengthen their mind, create more awareness and drive more critical thinking. Guests can also request customized thought-provoking activities around ideation, problem solving, treasure-hunts or mystery dinners to name a few.

Soul: Rounding out our offering, feeding the soul will be an equally important aspect of the experiences we design. From subtle nuances such as catching the sunrise for a yoga experience, to eating fresh fish as it comes into the docs, travelers will be made aware of the health impact these activities has on their soul.

A more focused approach will be taken through activities such as meditation, musical interactivity and specially requested activities like drums, song therapy and crystal therapy to name a few.


Guests participating in Bomiso Destination Travel experiences will be invited to:

1. Select your dates

2. Select your Destination

3. Select the total number of attendees in your group

4. Choose from: City Break; Professional Retreat; Introspection; Nature Getaway; Active-Healthy; Health Travel Companion (Health Enhancement to an already planned trip)

5. Select the ones that apply:

    a. Personal Development (short educational sessions on personal strengths)

    b. Nutrition Education

    c. Live Nutrition Activity (participant)

    d. Spiritual Enlightenment

    e. Spiritual Activity (yoga, meditation)

    f. Physical Activities (hiking, kayaking, climbing)

    g. Adventure Activities (Snowboard, mountain climbing)

    h. Local site seeing/ guided tours

    i. Active training (weights, core)

6. Identify a budget range:

    a. $500 to $2K per person

    b. $2K- $4K per person

    c. $4K- $6K per person

    d. $6K+ per person

A $200 deposit is required, and once submitted, we will provide an agenda outlining our proposed approach towards the requested experience.

Guests can also provide an already planned experience, and we can provide an integrated approach, making any experience a Bomiso experience, without taking away from the desired experience.

Please contact us for information on Plenary, Breakout Sessions, and Keynote speaking engagements on the topic of Strengths-based development, and Strengths-based Leadership.

Success Stories

After my coaching session with Ty, I felt a sense of purpose and strength (no pun intended) that I could walk away with and easily apply to my daily life. Ty was integral in helping me discover that my strengths are not only a vessel for strong relationships but that, if used to their full potential, could be the key to influencing others in the business world. Knowing your strengths can impact both your business and personal life and Ty is a great resource for anyone who wishes to do just that! Samantha Green, West Texas A&M University

Angie projects a positive, confident attitude that creates a successful coaching environment. Her transparent communication and genuine interest in others alongside impeccable integrity makes the coaching exercises with her an unparalleled growing experience for her students. -Jasmine Cox, Union Pacific Railroad